North  America Encyclopedia  Geography


Yes, a work book, but wait... this isn't just any work book!
Using a set of encyclopedias and atlas, this work book takes the student through the information in such a way that he sees a connection between the regions of North America.

He will learn how the states/provinces/countries and their borders are
connected and affected by topography, natural resources, weather, wars, explorers,
Native Americans, Immigrants and the economy.

They will use art and various map-work techniques.


Students and parents who have used this book 
tell me how much they loved doing this study!



*Research lessons for each state/province/territory of North Americca
*Outline Maps
*Space for student to draw and color flags
*Lesson and updated map for Nunavut, Canada's new territory

*Answers in the back of the book can be removed and filed

*This workbook requires the student to use his home
set of encyclopedias and an atlas as references.

North America Encyclopedia Geography
Consumable ~ Price - 16.50 ~ shipping included

Flags of North America ~ Coloring Book

*These are outline drawings of all the flags needed for this study,
but can be used with any study of North America.

*Includes outline flags of Canada, USA and Mexico.

Consumable ~ Price - 6.50 ~ shipping included

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