We praise the Lord, our provider, for blessing us with these curricula.
Our Goals:

*To produce curricula that children love to use.

*To produce quality, affordable curricula
for single-income homeschool families.

*To produce easy to use and understand
curricula for independent as well as
teacher/parent lead studies.

*To provide curriculum for
ADD and Dyslexic students.

*To provide curricula that
meet state's requirements
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Big  Oak Curriculum

Sign Language for
Teacher taught, Self taught, Learn in groups
or one-on-one
Oklahoma History
Unit Studies
meet state requirements for elementary and high school grades.
Turn off the computer
and pull out those encyclopedias for
North American Encyclopedia Geography.
A favorite of all the kids.
Coloring Books:
Oklahoma Flags
North America Flags
Elementary & Highschool
Oklahoma History
Trivia Games
Spiral bound at the top.
Great for
classroom or car.
Can be incorporated with other trivia games.
Coloring Books:
OK Symbols
OK Characters