Hands On Sign Language

* Hands On Sign Language is a method of teaching/learning American Sign                Language that can be learned independently or taught to an individual, or               group. 

* HOSL can be taught to children of all ages.

* The teacher does not have to know ASL to teach it when using this method.             You can learn right along with your student(s)!

* Hands On Sign Language is written in a daily lesson plan format which takes           approximately 20 minutes to complete.

* There are 5 parts of each lesson to be practiced/taught each day:
   1. Student signs the alphabet
   2. Student practices finger spelling a list of words
   3. Student learns to sign new words.
   4. Student signs and interpret sentences which include new words                                 and words previously learned.
   5. Student does a reinforcement activity each day.  Reinforcement activities                 include speed drills, songs, games, signed conversations, etc...

* HOSL requires a reference book with illustrations of signing hands.                         We prefer Mickey Flodin's "Signing Illustrated".
   HOSL is non-consumable   

   **Hands On Sign Language ~ Price - 28.00  
       Price includes shipping.

Signing Illustrated
Mickey Flodin's Signing Illustrated is the preferred reference book 
to use with this study. S.I. includes the history of ASL, 
explanation of signing area, word endings, 
facial expression and syntax. S.I. has easy-to-understand 
illustrations along with memory aids and chapter reviews. 
HOSL follows the format of Signing Illustrated.

                        Mickey Flodin's Signing Illustrated ~ Price - 20.00
                                           Price includes shipping.

American Sign Language:

* is the third most widely used foreign language in the USA.
* is accepted as a foreign language credit in most states.
* is an excellent foreign language for hands-on learners and                                             children with dyslexia or ADD.
* helps children retain memory verses, songs, and spelling words.
* gives toddlers a "voice". A toddler can often sign before he can talk, thus easing the    frustrations he may be feeling due to lack of communication.
* opens a new avenue of worship (signing to music).
* gives us opportunity to communicate with members of the deaf  community

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